Anye Mambo, President/CEO

“One of the tenets of our company that I admire is the people-helping-people aspect. I like the fact that our people come first. We have fostered a team-oriented environment where people genuinely care for each other. It is a family-oriented organization.”

Anye was born and raised in Cameroon, a small country located between central and west Africa. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Business administration from the University of Yaounde II. Anye Immigrated to the United States in June of 2009 and went to Southern New Hampshire University, where he obtained a
Global MBA.

He started in an entry-level position in Boston, MA in January 2012 and was promoted to management in August 2016. In that time frame, Anye grew personally and professionally by learning essential skills, including but not limited to, sales, customer service, and leadership. The skills he acquired going through the management training program has enabled him to own and effectively operate Peak Prism Inc.

His goal/vision is to have a bigger footprint in the United States and eventually expand globally. Anye wants to pay it forward by providing the same opportunity that was provided to him to his team members and help them achieve their goals.